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Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

Understanding the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage is important to helping you choose the right coverage for your needs.

You’re probably aware that you may be eligible for certain medical benefits from the government when you turn 65. This program is known as "Original Medicare."

Medicare Advantage (or Part C) was launched in 1995 when the federal government created a way for private health care companies to sell new plans under a strict regulatory framework that combines both Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Doctor) coverage in a single plan.

All Medicare Advantage plans offer at least the same benefits as Medicare Parts A and B. That means if Original Medicare covers hospital care at a certain level, so will every Medicare Advantage plan on the market.

But the benefit of Medicare Advantage plans is that they offer more coverage than Original Medicare, and many also include prescription drug coverage.

Below is a short video that describes the key differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage – What’s the difference?

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Our care team makes it easy for you to stay on top of your health with personal health screening reminders, as well as health education and support.

Plus, you can get rewarded when you complete certain preventive health screenings.

Where does your Horizon Healthy Journey begin? Getting the right care starts with an annual wellness visit with your Primary Care Physician, or PCP.

During this visit, your PCP will talk to you about your blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index - or BMI, risk of falling, and any other preventive health screenings and vaccinations you may need.

Since your annual wellness visit is a covered benefit under your Horizon Medicare Advantage plan, there is no cost to you.

Throughout the year, you will get reminders when it’s time for your preventive health screenings.

For example, we’ll let you know when you’re due for your annual wellness visit, a breast cancer screening, a colorectal cancer screening, an osteoporosis screening, diabetes screenings and vaccinations.

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To learn if you are eligible to earn rewards or for more information about signing up for the program, call the Member Services phone number on your ID card.

Stay healthy through all the stages of your life – and earn rewards for taking care of yourself.

At Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, we want to help you understand your choices on your journey to better health.

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