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Appointing a Personal Representative

A Personal Representative is a person you choose to work with Horizon BCBSNJ on your behalf to:

  • Manage your enrollment, claims, appeals or anything else about your benefits
  • Stand in for you if you do not feel well enough to manage your insurance benefits on your own
  • Handle all phone conversations or letters about your benefits with Horizon BCBSNJ

Even if you choose a Personal Representative, you do not lose any of your rights. You can always choose to handle your own benefits or appoint another Personal Representative at any time if you are not happy with the one you already have.

Who can be my Personal Representative?

Your Personal Representative can be a husband, wife, son, daughter, relative, friend, attorney or someone chosen by a court.

Appointing your representative

Fill out the Request for Personal Representative form available on the Member section of HorizonBlue.com.
When completing the form, please print in ink and make sure you and your Personal Representative sign and print your names on the back of the form.

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